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Since 1989 producing Surf Products, Stand Up Paddles and Accessories.

The "CBS Surf" was founded in Australia in 1989, since then is international recognized for the high quality of their Surfboards, SupBoards and paddles to Stand Up Paddle!

​Our Sup Boards are produced using the EPS blanks with wooden stringer, Epoxy  resin, fiberglass and coating of bamboo or wood, which requires a special lamination process and a technology of "vacuum sealing", also known as the "Bamboo veneer" or "Wood veneer" or "Sandwich Construction".  All our models also have the exclusive technology of "Air Vent System", to allow the EPS core to expand and contract during extreme changes in temperature or air pressure.


We also produce Surf and Sup boards with Carbon Fiber, Classic models using only fiberglass, Carbon Paddles and accessories, with the Mission to develop new technologies to always make products with high quality, strength, lightness and providing great experiences for our customers!


The CBS Surf products are tested in many countries and approved for use in oceans, lakes, rivers or for high performance surfing!



Best regards,

The CBS Surf Team


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