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How Do I Place An Order?​

Please, have a look in the link "Contact Us" in the main menu on top and then you will see the button "Find a Dealer". Just click there to open the contact page with the authorized dealers.

Care & Maintenance

Cleaning and storing the board, paddle and accessories:


  1. Thoroughly rinse the board, surf leash, paddle and accessories with fresh and clean water after each use.

  2. Store the board, paddle and accessories in a cool, shaded location or room. Storing the board and paddle in a hot location or in direct sunlight (such as inside a vehicle, heated storage room or garage) may cause delamination and other serious damage to the board, deckpad, paddle and accessories.

  3. Some Stand-up Paddle boards include a vent screw. The vent screw must be opened on these boards prior to:

  • Storing the board for short or long periods of time;

  • Taking them on airplanes; or

  • Transporting the boards to high altitudes (such as mountain lakes and rivers); or

  • Transporting the boards under sun light or warm weather (such on top or inside of cars, trucks, minivans, buses, boats, motorcycles, bicycles, trolleys, containers or all other vehicles). 

  • To avoid any further situation of damage in the boards, we advised to always keep the products in a safety place while is not using and keep the screw vent open during this time, but with very care to don't entering water, any type of liquids or even humidity inside or can happen a seriously damage in the board.


WARNING: Remember to reinstall the vent screw prior to use. Fix the screw with care until the limit of total of the air vent valve. Failure to do will result in water damage not protected by warranty

I have a Store or brand, can I place a personalized order?

For sure! We can produce any model with your specifications about sizes, designs, colors, specific raw materials and if you wish, we can talk about to include your logo in the boards, paddles or accessories! We can offer better prices for orders with big quantity. Please, contact us by e-mail to we can give you a better attention for your personalized order.  

Issues, Returns & Refunds

If your Board, Paddle or accessories broke, we request you to return the product to us directly for warranty review / repair or talk to your local shop where you purchased your product. In the rare case of a product failure due to a manufacturing defect, we will replace or repair your product Free Of Charge. If we determine that the product has been abused and the failure is due to extreme wear, we will contact you and let you know what the charges will be necessary to repair, and or replace your product. Please, read with attention our instructions about Care & Maintenance.

Thank you for choosing us!






How can I choose the right length for my paddle?

Firstly you need think about the type of sport you will practice and then you can do the best choice about the right length for your CBS Surf Paddle! We recommend to most of our customers, if they will use the paddle for Surfing, they can adjust the lenght for the same size of their height or even 4" (10cm) below the head, can be 9" (22.8cm) over your height for a regular weekend cruiser and 10" - 12" (25.4cm - 30.5cm) for a more serious racer. As the sport is conected with many different factors like arm reach, experience in the water, board thickness, characteristics of the place, please talk with your local shop for a professional advise and they may be able to suggest the best length to ensure that you will get the proper fit.





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